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Home » Casa Solution Announcements » The $1500 Chiriqui Brew That Has Brought People to Tears: The World’s Rarest Coffee Experience

The $1500 Chiriqui Brew That Has Brought People to Tears: The World’s Rarest Coffee Experience

In 2019, the BBC reported that Boquete coffee was bringing in $75 a cup in San Francisco.  This past November, 2022, the thrillest was citing “a cup of Panamanian Geisha coffee can cost the equivalent of $125 in Japan and $200 in Dubai.”  In April, 2023 CBS reported on $100 a cup Boquete coffee.  Now, a coffee shop in Perth, Australia is charging a whopping $1,500 per cup.  This one is from Ninety Plus Estate in Volcan.   It seems the sky’s the limit for Chiriqui coffee.  Of course, these prices are charged for small specialty lots from the best prize-winning coffee farms.  Yet, there are quite a few farms in the highlands around Boquete and Volcan that have broken records in recent years; not just one or two in particular.  This is drawing the attention of the world as reflected in news media reporting and drawing attention to the value of Boquete’s prized coffee farms.

In the article, discover the extraordinary world of the Brew Lab Cafe in Penrith, Sydney, where a cup of coffee is not just a beverage but a transformative experience. This article unveils the story behind the “rarest coffee in Australia,” sourced from Panama and served exclusively by appointment. Delve into the meticulous process, the exceptional flavors that evoke tears of joy, and the coffee’s elusive origins. Prepare to be captivated by the allure of this extraordinary brew.

Western Sydney cafe offers $1500 cup of coffee that has brought people to tears

By Georgina Noack May 17, 2023 – 9:03AM

Excerpt: Prepare to be amazed by the extraordinary world of specialty coffee at the Brew Lab Cafe in Penrith, Sydney. Offering what is hailed as the “rarest coffee in Australia,” this brew is not your average cup of joe. It is a meticulously crafted and appointment-only experience that comes with a hefty price tag of $1500.

Cafe owner Mitchell Johnson, who has had the privilege of tasting this phenomenal creation, attests to its exceptional nature. “It’s the kind of coffee that makes people cry. I know it sounds unbelievable, but it has brought customers to tears,” he revealed to The Daily Telegraph.

This unique coffee hails from Panama and is a single origin variety grown near the base of a volcano, situated at an impressive altitude of 1700 meters. The beans used are considered some of the finest in the world, surpassing 90 points on the official ‘specialty’ grading scale, which sets the standard for outstanding coffee as defined by the Specialty Coffee Association.

With its exclusivity and exceptional quality, the beans used in this $1500 brew remain a closely guarded secret. Ninety Plus Estate, the producer behind this remarkable coffee, refuses to disclose the specific variety or batch number, adding to the allure and mystique.

Drinking this coffee is not just an ordinary experience; it is an appointment-only affair. The Brew Lab Cafe orders the beans when a customer makes a reservation, initiating a meticulous process that involves roasting the beans in Panama and transporting them to Australia via private jet.

The brewing process itself is a labor-intensive labor of love. Every detail is carefully considered, from precise measurements to pre-dampened filter paper and multiple pouring sessions using water heated to a specific temperature of 94 degrees Celsius. Even a slight deviation from the exact timing or temperature can dramatically alter the end result.

As the coffee cools down, its flavors undergo a fascinating transformation. Notes of peach, strawberry, lemonade, rose, and juniper emerge, creating a sensory journey that unfolds with every sip. The Brew Lab Cafe offers this extraordinary brew in a special “after-hours experience,” where customers are guided through the entire process, enhancing their appreciation of this exceptional beverage.

Indulging in this $1500 coffee is an opportunity to venture into a realm of unparalleled flavors, craftsmanship, and exclusivity. It goes beyond the ordinary cup of coffee, allowing you to immerse yourself in a world where passion, meticulousness, and extraordinary taste converge.

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