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Panama Day UK: Panama’s Rise as a Sustainable Investment Powerhouse

Panama, known for its strategic location and the famous Panama Canal, showcased its potential as a sustainable investment hub during Panama Day UK.  Some of the eyebrow raising items of note in the article are about Panama’s position as a digital hub in addition to its well-known logistics position, its new “AgroParks Law, which creates free trade zones for agricultural development and research laboratories… offering all of the incentives to encourage agricultural technology and capital to come to Panama” as well as the way Panama is framed as in a unique neutral position in world affairs.  They also highlight Panama’s carbon negative environmental status.

This PROPANAMA event brought together Panama’s business elite with Investors in London.   With a focus on logistics, digital innovation, and the food industry, Panama aims to attract investors and leverage its unique advantages in these sectors. This article explores the investment opportunities and bilateral trade relations between Panama and the UK, emphasizing Panama’s commitment to sustainability and its potential as a nearshoring destination.

Panama – a sustainable investment hub

By Latam Investor

Excerpt: “Panama is full of opportunities”, says H.E. Diego Ortiz de Zevallos, Deputy Administrator of PROPANAMA. “We have identified three hubs: logistics, digital and food – that can attract investors. The logistics hub involves the extensive infrastructure developed for moving cargo. Everybody knows about the Panama Canal but we also have huge ports in the Atlantic and the Pacific.”

But there is more to Panama than the Canal, explains Ortiz. “Our digital hub is based around the six fibreoptic cables that pass through Panama. We have leveraged that by developing a legal framework – including data protection that prohibits the government from accessing international data passing through the country – to encourage data services, such as business process outsourcing. Our declaration of neutrality means any data in the country is safe from geopolitical risks, while extra security comes from the fact that Panama is free of natural disasters.

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