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Panama Takes Bold Action to Combat Plastic Pollution at Our Ocean Conference

Something we can all agree on.  Plastic does not belong in our oceans.

Thank you to the courageous people in Panama who are working to keep plastics out of our waters.

Panama’s Ministry of Environment has made significant commitments to combat plastic pollution at the 8th annual Our Ocean conference in Panama City.  These commitments aim to reduce the import, consumption, and use of single-use plastics and plastic packaging in the country. Oceana, the world’s largest ocean conservation organization, has praised Panama’s leadership in addressing the urgent issue of plastic pollution, emphasizing the detrimental impact of plastics on marine ecosystems and climate change. The announcement sets a strong example for other nations participating in the conference to make meaningful commitments towards protecting our oceans.

Consider joining other great people in helping environmental organizations in Panama.  Here are links to some of those charities.


Oceana Applauds Panama’s Bold Commitment to Reduce Plastic Pollution at 8th Annual Our Ocean Conference in Panamá

By Oceana Inc. March 2, 2023
Oceana, Inc.

Excerpt: “As the 8th annual Our Ocean conference got underway in Panama City this week, Panama’s Ministry of Environment announced bold commitments to reduce plastic pollution, including stopping more than 160,000 tons of plastic that is imported and consumed in the country each year.

The commitments include:

  • In three years, eliminate the use of single-use plastic items, such as plastic utensils and plastic cups;
  • In five years, reduce the import and consumption of plastic packaging by 30%, including plastic foam food containers;
  • In seven years, reduce the import of virgin plastic by at least 20%; and
  • In 10 years, reduce the sale and import of single-use plastic and virgin plastic by 50%.

Oceana, the world’s largest international advocacy organization dedicated solely to ocean conservation, applauded the new commitments, and released the following statement from its Chief Policy Officer, Jacqueline Savitz:

“We applaud Panama’s leadership in tackling plastic pollution. Plastics are not only polluting our oceans, they’re also contributing to the growing climate crisis. Panama’s commitment to regulate plastics addresses two of our ocean’s greatest threats at once because plastic production is also a major driver of climate change. Panama’s efforts to aggressively tackle plastic pollution at the source send a strong signal to the rest of the world. We hope other nations participating in the Our Ocean conference will make equally meaningful commitments.

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