The Malaysian Insider Names Boquete 1 of 7 Destinations to Visit in 2016

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Welcome to the people of Malaysia. We look forward to seeing you here in Boquete.

Boquete is a wonderful tourist destination. The world is continuing to discover our precious little hamlet with coffee culture and tasting one of the many attractions.

This article touting Boquete is making its way through multiple Asian publications.

“7 underrated destinations to visit in 2016”

The Malaysian Insider, January, 27, 2016
“This year, take the road less traveled and make plans to visit lesser known destinations that are no less impressive and beautiful.

For an unforgettably unique and original holiday, here are seven underrated destinations for 2016, as picked by guided holiday company, Trafalgar.

Boquete, Panama

A rural town nestled in the green hills of Panama, Boquete is a coffee lover’s paradise as the area is known for its coffee plantations. Here, visitors get a first-hand look at how their favourite drink is made. The indigenous Ngobe-Bugle live off the plantations, picking ripened coffee berries to be made into beans. From the town, you can also explore the surrounding mountains.”