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Home » Casa Solution Announcements » More Worldwide Coverage on Panama’s #1 Happiness Ranking

More Worldwide Coverage on Panama’s #1 Happiness Ranking

There has been a lot of coverage on Panama’s ranking.  Here are a few of the articles.

Forbes – “It Must Be The Inequality That Makes Panama The Happiest Country In The World” – Tim Worstall 9/18/14

(With) the slightly surprising news that Panama is actually the happiest country in the world, overtaking the former global nirvana of Denmark. I look forward to the slew of articles under preparation even now at all sorts of left leaning newspapers and sites telling us that it must be the inequality that makes Panama such a happy place.

NBC News TODAY – “What’s the happiest place on earth? It’s not the U.S., survey finds” – Linda Caroll – 9/16/14

“In yet another demonstration of the old axiom that money can’t buy happiness, Panama and Costa Rica turn out to have the most satisfied citizens even though both lag numerous other countries in terms of wealth…”

The Huffington Post United Kindom – “Worldwide Well-Being” – Jane Fuller – 9/19/14

“It makes fascinating reading with the survey measuring different varieties of well-being in purpose, social, physical, financial and community; Panama being the global leader in terms of thriving…”

The Huffington Post The World’s Best (And Worst) Regions for Well-Being – Carolyn Gregoire – 9/16/14

“We tend to quantify a nation’s success with measures like GDP, life expectancy and employment rates. Well-being, though it may be the most accurate measure of the quality of life experienced by a country’s citizens, rarely enters into the picture….Panama is the global leader in terms of thriving”

Travel Channel – World’s Top 10 Happiest Countries- by Kathleen Rellihan

“Positivity runs rampant in Panama. Yes, that’s right: Even though Panama is one of poorest countries in the world, it has a very high well-being score. Perhaps a rising standard of living and growing economy have something to do with it. Panama has a lot to offer visitors, too, including untrampled beaches and a festive cultural atmosphere filled with plenty of dancing”

USA Today – “USA is 12th, Panama 1st in global well-being poll” – Kim Painter – 9/16/14

“The well-being poll may be picking up a cultural tendency in some countries to “see the glass as half full,” says Peter Choueiri, president of Healthways International.”