Now Istanbul to Panama City – Turkish Airlines Announces New Direct flight to Panama

istabul turkey panama

Starting this February 2016, Panama will receive another new direct flight from the far side of the world – this time from Turkey.   Istabul is one of the world’s largest cities and the largest in Europe.

This comes with the very recent additions of direct flights from Frankfurt, Germany, Dubai in the UAE, and San Francisco.   Panama is seeing a steadily increasing profile on the world stage.   Those “in the know”  increasingly see Panama as the central business and tourism hub of Central America.

These new flights will accelerate their arrival and investment.

“Turkish Airlines operará a partir de febrero próximo ruta a Panamá”

Telemetro, August 20, 2015

“La aerolínea Turkish Airlines operará una ruta a Panamá a partir de febrero próximo, con aviones Boeing 777-300ER y una frecuencia inicial de 3 vuelos semanales, informó hoy el aeropuerto internacional de Tocumen, que sirve a la capital panameña.” continued

Photo from Boomsbeat, 35 Amazing Photos of Istanbul, Turkey