Alexander B. Karasik’s Review of Casa Solution – “I am so thankful I was able to work with Casa Solution to facilitate the purchase of my new home in Boquete”

“I am so thankful I was able to work with Casa Solution to facilitate the purchase of my new home in Boquete. My transactional relationship with them was positive throughout the entire process. Navigating the intricacies of purchasing a home from the United States during a worldwide pandemic in a country for which I had little knowledge of with regards to its inner-workings, where policies change on a daily basis, was not easy, but the staff of Casa Solutions was extremely patient and walked me through the process effectively and efficiently.

From the moment I walked through the front doors of Casa Solutions the real estate professionals listened to the things that were important to me. They understood my price range, the type of home I wanted, the part of town that appealed to me, the size, etc. At no point did I feel pressured and they found the perfect home for me within 2 days. They did a good job matching my needs and interests with the availability in the market. They showed me a variety of homes so I could understand the various price points and the type of real estate that is available. Casa Solutions is not in it for short term gains, but for the long game, nurturing strong relationships which is a very smart business strategy. I now understand why they are the preeminent real estate agency in Boquete. Throughout the process, they were exceptionally responsive to my almost daily inquiries and demonstrated a tremendous desire to make sure I felt comfortable with the process. Email requests were always answered within hours, at all hours of the day, and even on weekends.

Although the seller and buyer were both represented by Casa Solutions, I felt as if my interests were well-represented by Casa Solutions. They negotiated in good faith and did not at any point behave as if they wanted to get the sale done to the detriment of what was best for me. So often in my experience, a real estate agent applies too much pressure; not Casa Solutions. The amount of time between the initial contract was signed until closing on the house and wiring the funds was approximately 6 months and only allowed the sale to proceed once I was completely comfortable with initiating the transaction. This was accomplished by extending the closing deadline so I was not obligated to purchase the home when it was uncertain whether I would get to Panama and enjoy the house.

Casa Solutions also went above and beyond numerous times in helping me identify resources, while I was in the United States, to accomplish certain tasks. They have many contacts in the industry to help with things like performing a property inspection, survey, minor repairs, etc. and i was impressed by the quality of work performed.

Casa Solutions is the preeminent real estate agency in Boquete and the surrounding area and their keen knowledge of the real estate market was beneficial. Most of them are ‘locals’ who understand the market very well. They have earned my trust and I would not hesitate to employ their services again in the future.”

Thank You, Alexander!

We are deeply grateful for you and committed to serving you.

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