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Copa & AirPanama flights to David, Panama – Some Notable Differences

Copa Airlines and AirPanama are both impressive Panamanian airlines.  When considering a flight to David (and close-by Boquete or Volcan), below are a few notable differences between the two. I have flown both airlines extensively.  In my experience, they both provide very professional and high quality service.    Traveling regularly on both Copa and AirPanama Read More

Forbes: “Panama: Achieving Prosperity and Equity at the Crossroads of the World”

Forbes starts this article with  “Panama is on a roll these days.”  This interview with eloquent Vice President Isabel de Saint Malo de Alvarado has a few notable mentions. Panama shined as expected at the recent Summit of the Americas. Panama is engaged in  “new mega-projects in power-generation, fuel-storage, logistics, and transportation, all tied to Read More

Explored 41 countries, Chose Panama, Started Resort – A You Can Do It Too Video

Have you ever thought about what it would be like? People spend huge parts of their lives in cubicles or small offices gazing out the window (if they have one) or staring at screen savers and calendars of tropical paradise.  They think about what it would be like to live in a place like that, Read More

Epic Tuna Frenzy in Panama

The Tuna go wild in this video presented by the Weather Channel on May 18, 2015.  Panama means “an abundance of fish” though the official version in school textbooks is an “abundance of fish, trees and butterflies.”  Panama sport fishing and scuba diving in the Pacific is considered the best in the world.  Panama’s Caribbean Read More

Forbes on Canal Expansion: “It turns out this will be a very big deal”

Another acknowledgement of Panama’s positive impact on the world and a preview of the kind of positive Panama coverage we will see frequently over the next year. Why The New Panama Canal Is Exactly What Struggling Retailers Need Right Now Forbes, May 15, 2015, by Paula Rosenblum Macy’s is the most recent retailer to have Read More

Time Magazine: Panama City skyline equal to Miami’s, features Canal Impact

The accolades and prognostications keep coming in. The expansion of the Canal is one of those stories that will keep building until next year’s launch.  And as it gets closer, every article will mention Panama’s rise.  This will translate into continued interest in the country; for investment, tourism and retirement.  Expect a fevered pitch of Read More

CBS features “Jurassic Park” of Panama

This is an example of the world just starting to discover Panama’s tourist riches. Expect to keep hearing quotes in the world media like this one this week on CBS: “On a recent trip to Panama with President Obama, we found something amazing, something the Smithsonian has been hiding in plain sight for almost 100 Read More

“Buoyant Panama” at the Cannes Film Festival

 Panama’s rapid development is not just economic.  The modernization of Panama’s rich culture is bringing Panama to the world.  In this case, Panama’s film industry is seeing a boost; this in terms of international visibility, appreciation for Panama’s film festival, Panama as a great place to film TV shows and movies, and also now with Read More

National Geographic & Discovery: Rare Shipwreck Discovered off Panama

Panama is a romantic place… the land of James Bond, tropical islands, exotic jungles, sexy beaches and …. long-lost Pirate ships. Rare Spanish Shipwreck From 17th Century Uncovered Off Panama The cargo ship went down in 1681 with crates of swords, nails, and bolts of cloth.  National Geographic, May 12, 2015, by Jane J. Lee Read More