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Panama is the Fastest Growing Economy in Latin America & Latin American Growth Is Back – Miami Herald

Things are looking bright for Panama.  Panama’s top position as the fastest growth economy in all of Latin America will continue through 2017.  To add more momentum, Latin America as a whole will enjoy a meaningful recovery in 2017. Every country in the region is expected to see gains in 2017 with the exception of Read More

Europe! Panama to Invest $4.2 million with Lufthansa Airline to Promote Panama

We have long seen lots of Europeans buy property and move to Boquete. But now, the Casa Solution staff is seeing a noticeable uptick in European buyers over the past year.  The varied cultural backgrounds, world experience, and international saavy of our many Europeans clients has been so welcome.   The surge in new European residents Read More

Panama PR – What Can We Expect in Germany, Italy, France, Switzerland, Spain, Great Britain, Belgium and More?

Panama’s agreement with Lufthansa to spend over $4 million to promote Panama in Germany, Italy, Poland, France, Switzerland, Spain, Great Britain, Austria, and Belgium is now in effect. What kind of PR might we see?  Here’s an indication of the very professional work we can expect. From Lufthansa’s Panama Travel Guide On Panama: “Think Panama Read More

New Direct to Denver Flights from Copa – 13th US City to Get Direct Copa Flights

Panama’s major international airport Tocumen is undergoing a huge expansion and the direct flights keep coming.  Denver is the 13th US city to receive direct flights to Panama City, Panama from Copa and the seventh addition since 2012. In addition, Panama is even providing financial incentives to European airlines now to bring flights in.  Think Read More

New Commercial Plaza Under Construction in Downtown Boquete – Los Senderos

People have been wondering about what is under construction in a prime Boquete downtown location.  Well, here it is…. Los Senderos, an impressive commerical development on the former site of Boquete Country Inn. Economic development boost: This is another boon for Boquete; a substantial and attractive commercial plaza right in the middle of downtown.  Even Read More

$18 Million in Major Boquete Investments Announced: New Bridge, New Road & More

This new bridge near the center of downtown Boquete next to the famous Panamonte Hotel will provide easier access for everyone into town.  It comes at the same time that the new area-wide water system is in process of being implemented.  President Varela visited Boquete to announce the start of construction of the new bridge Read More

New $3.5 million University Headquarters in Boquete’s Rapidly Developing Commercial Zone

Many Panamanians believe in higher education.    Young Panamanians often work in day jobs while going to University at night.  They study to become accomplished business people, engineers, accountants, attorneys, computer programmers, teachers and many other specialties.   It is impressive how many achieve bachelor level and advanced degrees. Several significant universities serve these Chiriqui Province’s Read More