Land for Sale on Boquete David Four Lane Highway Near New Convention Center

List Price: $480,000
Lot Size : 15,000 Sq.M

3.71 Acres

Location: Alto Boquete, Boquete, Panama

Just 10 minutes from downtown Boquete in the direction of David, this property is right in the path of development of a key zone of Boquete.  This property is also close to the new Green Boquete Convention Center which is just under construction as of August 2017.

Since the new four lane road was completed a few years ago that joins Boquete and David Panama, there has a been a rapid surge in commercial development in the zone along the road near Boquete.

Of particular note is that due to the unique geography of the area, there are canyons at varying distances from the road on both sides.  That makes for relatively narrow strips of prime development land in what is a growing area and a major thoroughfare.

The property has great mountain views including Volcan Baru.