Panama News – Metro Video, Louisiana, Noreiga, Tocumen, Economy, and Jets

Some other recent news as of November 6, 2014:

A Ride on the New Panama Metro, Central America’s First Subway

The new Metro is getting great reviews.  35¢ a ride? Oh the simple pleasures…but it will go up soon.

This feature shows it well from

South Louisiana and Panama bolster alliance

An example of the connections being made between the port authorities in the U.S. and the Panama Canal Authority. The ports seem to be jostling for position and expansion funds.

Judge dismisses former Panama dictator’s lawsuit over ‘Call of Duty’ character

Well, that didn’t take very long.

Panama Tocumen readies duty-free tender for new terminal

“Panama Tocumen International airport, the second most important airport in Latin America in terms of international passenger traffic after Sao Paulo in Brazil…”

Panama economic activity picks up in August (2014)

Panama Jet Center To Begin Operations In December

“Panama’s economy has boomed in recent times, and with it has come a dramatic increase in corporate flights to around 7,000 per year, and rising.”